Technical Articles

# Technical Article Title By Category Author(s) Contributor Download PDF
LP Carry/Fee Validation
1 Trust but verify: Case studies of fee validation in practice Paul O’Shea, Richard Stratford and Chris Chung Colmore
Carry/Waterfall Calculation Software Platforms
2 Waterfall Automation with Anaplan: Enhancing Transparency & Connected Modelling with an Enterprise Grade Solution Jonathan Balkin and Santiago Gruter Lionpoint Group
3 Five Myths about Carry Calculations and its Finesse Istvan Lajtai qashqade AG
Carry/Waterfall Modelling
4 How to Design Great Waterfall Models: 11 tips and clever Excel tricks that will make your model ironclad and help inspire confidence in your LPs By Mariya Stefanova PEAI
5 GP Waterfall Model Certification: Quantifying the Quality of a Model with the PEAI Scoring System By Mariya Stefanova PEAI
Carry Allocation & Carry Plans
6 Carried Interest Participant Allocation Plans: The Current State of the Market and Controls for Managing Carried Interest Data By Ryan Burger PFA Solutions

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