Provider’s Name: PEAI Limited
Provider’s status: Premium Provider
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Carried interest services:
  • LP Carried Interest/Fee Validation
  • GP Waterfall Model Certification
  • Carried Interest/Waterfall Software Certification
  • Waterfall Modeling & Design Services
  • Carried Interest and Waterfall Advisory
  • Carried Interest Training
Carried interest products:
  • PEAI Ready-to-use Waterfall Models & Templates
  • PEAI LP Carried Interest Validation Template

Company profile

PEAI Limited (PEAI) is a UK-registered, Bahamas-based private equity (PE) training and consultancy firm, providing specialist PE training and technical advice to General Partners (GPs), Limited Partners (LPs), fund administrators and other service providers in the private equity space. The firm was founded by Mariya Stefanova, a best-selling author of the only private equity accounting, investor reporting and carried interest books, ‘Private Equity Accounting: The Global Guide’, ‘Private Equity Accounting, Investor Reporting, and Beyond: Advanced Guide’, and ‘The Definitive Guide to Carried Interest’. Over the past five years PEAI’s focus has been on LP carried interest/fee validation, GP carried interest/waterfall modelling, GP waterfall model certification, and carried interest-related consultancy services and training. Our clients are some of the largest institutional investor, GPs, fund administrators and PE specialist software providers.

Meet our team

Meet our team

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